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Why become a sponsor?

Increase Brand Awareness while Supporting Your Local Community

Cupertino Little League (CLL) continues to grow each year. With over 120 kids and 110 families, we provide a safe, positive and fun baseball experience for children aged 4 to 16. In addition to the growth of our league, we are also experiencing an increase of financial strain of running a not-for-profit youth organization.

Unfortunately, our registration fees only cover the basics. It costs $900-$1,000 to run a team for the Spring season alone and half that amount for Fall Ball. Sponsorships and donations will enable us to meet the growing demand from our community. Here is where you can make a difference to our league and to your business.

Over the course of Spring season 2022, CLL organized more than 125 baseball games. These are attended by around 2,600 players (from Cupertino and other Leagues), as well as their families. These games bring life into the community and take place at the Wilson Park fields, a high visibility place with pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the area as well as the Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino.

CLL also organizes various ceremonies (such as the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, etc.), which bring the community together. In 2022, 150 people attended the season opening ceremony – the first since the pandemic outbreak. 

Our Snack Shack at Wilson Park is a beloved rallying point for kids and their families during and after the games at Wilson Park. 

How to sponsor Cupertino Little League?

CLL Divisions:

Seniors ages 14-16

Juniors ages 12-14

Majors ages 9-12

Minors ages 8-11

FarmAA-FarmA ages 6-8

Tee Ball ages 4-6

We have several budget-friendly, 100% tax-deductible promotional sponsorship programs for a worthwhile cause–the overall betterment of our community.

Platinum Sponsorship Program (2-year commitment $3,000 annually)  

Sponsor one team for one year (fall & spring). For example: $3,000 ($1,500 for Juniors x2 years).  Provides teams with professional-style uniforms, with Sponsors company name printed on the back of the jersey.  Sponsor has a 2-year exclusive right to promote their company on the jersey, as well as additional opportunities.

Gold Sponsorship Program – (1-year commitment $1,500 annually)  

Sponsor 1 team for 1 year (fall & spring). Provides teams with professional-style hats, with Sponsors company name printed on the back of the hat.  Sponsor has a 2-year exclusive right to promote their company name on the back of the hats, as well as additional opportunities.

Silver Sponsorship Program ($500 annually)  

Additional sponsor benefits:  

• Cupertino Little League team hat or shirts  

• Cupertino Little League sponsor field banner, E-banner on CLL website and Social Media sites  

Triple-Play Sponsorship Program- ($350 annually)  

Provides teams with: safe equipment, maintained safe fields and concession stand inventory.

We are happy to customize a package for you!

Contact: or Sarah Sanusi CLL Board of Directors

Your sponsorship COUNTS!

We appreciate your generous support, that will allow Cupertino Little League to thrive and contributes to the positive development of our community.