Frequently asked questions

Is Cupertino Little League your home league?

Before enrolling, you need to verify that your home address or your child’s school address is inside Cupertino Little League boundaries. Visit our League boundaries page to make sure your child qualifies for Cupertino Little League.

When is baseball played?

Children can be registered with Cupertino Little League for two distinct seasons:

  • Spring season (Feb-June) is the regular baseball season, including practices and games. Registration starts in November.
  • Fall Ball (Aug-Oct) is a more casual season, focused on player development, and also includes practices and games. Registration starts in August.

What division is appropriate for my child?

You need to take into consideration both the age and years of experience with baseball to find the right division for your child. Do not worry about picking the wrong division, we will help you figure it out after meeting them. The age ranges between the divisions do overlap. If you have any questions, please email us at

Tee Ball
The kids are usually between 4 and 6 years old. No prior experience is needed, most kids start in this division to get introduced to the basics of throwing, running, and fielding. The kids start out hitting on a tee and will experience pitching from a coach the last half of the season. We run a combination clinic and game on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 10:30am.

Farm A
The players in this division usually are ages 6-8. We recommend that they have a year of Tee Ball, but it is not required. In this division, we continue to build on their fundamentals. Our goal is to have them properly and safely catch baseballs thrown to them as well as become comfortable with hitting balls pitched at them. Teams in this division usually practice two times and play one game weekly.

Farm AA
The kids playing in this division should have at least one season of Farm A. Kids are usually 8-9 years old and the game adds more rules and will start with coach pitching and will end with the kids pitching to each other. Teams in this division usually practice two times and play one game weekly.

In Minors, the speed and rules of the game are starting to resemble the regular rules of baseball. The kids should be comfortable throwing and catching and facing pitchers. The kids in this division will continue to grow in their ability to hit thrown pitches. Minors and Majors teams are assembled through a draft process after a skills evaluation before the season begins. Minors is exclusively kid pitch. The players are generally ages 9 and 10. Teams in this division usually practice two or three times and play one game weekly.

This is the most competitive division for Little League. The kids you see playing in the Little League World Series are from this division. The kids are drafted onto a team after a skills evaluation. Playing time is not equal in this division. The players are generally ages 11 to 12. Teams in this division usually practice two or three times and play one game weekly.

Challenger for players with physical and/or intellectual differences
Players with physical and/or intellectual differences can participate in the non-competitive Challenger Division. Games are played on Sundays throughout the regular season. Starting age is 4 or 5 years old with no upper age limit.
For more information, visit our Challenger page or contact

When do practices take place?

Managers (i.e. parent coaches) are volunteers and are the ones choosing at the beginning of the season on which days practices takes place. We will accommodate your kid’s schedule as much as we can to allow them to play.


For Tee-ball only: CLL is happy to provide newly registered kids a free helmet and glove for Spring seasons!

CLL will provide a league shirt for all players, to be returned at the end of the season. To keep all our players safe, every player is required to have their own:

  • Helmet
  • Bat
  • Glove
  • Protective cup for male players

Check our equipment page to know what is right for your child

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a sponsor of Cupertino Little League and can help you select the right equipment for your kid.